Kiwi Round 2

As promised, RPL is returning with Kiwi to Mojave this weekend to conduct another series of up to three static fires. The grains will be selected out of 72/10, and 5% oxamide, and 10% oxamide as time permits. Data should be even better than last time due to some new pressure transducers we got, a new setup for the transducers that can find the pressure differential between the forward and aft ends of the case, and a calibrator that we built.

Kiwi itself will consist of the same motor case, now becoming a little charred on the inside, with a new bulkhead and nozzle. There will be o-rings on the faces of the forward and nozzle bulkheads in order to seal a leak path and protect the inside of the case. We remade the nozzle carrier out of steel instead of aluminum, and the graphite throat has more efficient contours.

Some of the firings will be ignited with our head-end system. We plan to try both composite and black powder igniters, seeing how quickly they work in order to choose one for use on Texas Two Step. (We don't want the igniter to take too long or the upper stage could pitch over.)

We'll try to get video that lives up to the quality of last time. Stay tuned!