Launch Delay

Traveler is nearly ready for launch, and just got an awesome paint scheme applied. We were granted a waiver by the FAA to fly up to 491,000 feet, with all-day launch windows all weekend. Unfortunately, the area of operations that the Bureau of Land Management gave to BALLS is not large enough for us to fly. Due to miscommunications between all the parties involved, this did not become known to RPL until last week, which did not leave enough time to get the permit changed. Traveler will not fly at BALLS. However, it is a great sign that we got such a broad waiver from the FAA, and that bodes well for a launch opportunity later this semester.

About half of the original crew is still going to BALLS; we will fly some smaller rockets, as well as test Traveler's avionics system and our tracking UAV.

As Alec put it:
"They call us Trojans for a reason - for fighting on even when the odds have gone beyond hopeless. This is what USC is known for. It's been over a year and half since we started attempting to get this rocket certified to fly and we're not giving up yet. We've gotten one major stroke closer to getting all the pieces in place every time we've been through this, and it's looking suspiciously like the next one might be it."

Flight on!