Infrastructure Overview:

Infrastructure is the backbone of USCRPL engineering activity. Advances in composite case manufacturing techniques allow for the finest quality amateur rocket airframes to be built, while launch infrastructure allows them to take to the skies. Members of the infrastructure team build the machines that build the rockets and ensure they fulfill their mission. Current projects include upgrading our composites manufacturing process with new oven technology, building a nitrogen purge and quench system to preserve static fire cases and developing an ultrasonic case inspector to assure manufacturing quality and mission success.

Flight and static fire INFRASTRUCTURE

The flight and static fire infrastructure team is responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining all the mechanical infrastructure required to successfully test and launch our rockets. This includes the stand we use to perform statics fires (which keeps the rocket from flying sideways across the Mojave) and the tower we fire the rocket from on launch days (which keeps the rocket from flying towards us). Forged from steel and bolted to the desert floor, our launch infrastructure is the only thing that can quell the mightiest student rockets ever built!





Lab infrastructure 

USCRPL started from humble beginnings with a small lab space and homemade tables. Over the year the lab has grown into a larger lab space with a manual lathe, manual mill, composites oven, in-house designed filament winder, and much more.  The infrastructure team is constantly working to improve the current lab space, upkeep the machines, and look for new ways to make the lab better.