The Avionics Test Vehicle series had two vehicle variations. The first vehicle, referred to as ATVwas designed with the intent of testing the avionics systems we planned to use in our space-shot rocket, Traveller. ATV was able to carry the avionics with speeds of up to Mach 2! Because this rocket was so long and skinny, the fins were very small.

It took 2 trials to get achieve a successful test, so the final and successful launch in the Avionics Test Vehicle series was called Carbon Copy. This vehicle had a different profile

This test was critical because if we can't rely on our avionics data for a space shot, we will not be able to prove that we actually have achieved space. Without telemetry, it would also be almost impossible to find our vehicle again after it fell from such a great height.




Launched on Month x, 20xx from the xxx, XXX reached an altitude of XXX ft and speeds of up to Mach XXX. The rocket, built as a test vehicle for Traveler technology,  The vehicle was located and recovered on xxx, 20xx about 6 miles xxx of its launch site.


RPL's 4"-diameter Avionics Test Vehcle flew at the MTA on March 24, 2012. Though its carbon fiber motor case performed well, the airframe shredded at burnout. 

The second ATV, Carbon Copy, was launched on June 30, 2012. It featured a simpler motor integration strategy and a new avionics configuration. The flight achieved a maximum altitude of 23,500 feet. All flight computers, GPSs, and transmitters worked correctly, leading to an easy recovery six miles away from the launch site. 


After its record breaking climb, SixyBack's nosecone did not eject due for currently unidentified reasons and therefore its parachutes could not and did not deploy. The vehicle came in completely ballistic, impacting the ground at approx. 500 mph. The resulting damage was extensive, currently the wreckage has yielded no salvageable electronic devices or flight data. Fortunately, a visual inspection of the nosecone remains demonstrate that RPL's proprietary thermal protection system, which was tested for the first time on SixyBack, was greatly successful!

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